AusKit Swing Hanging Strap Kit, Swing Strap(10 FT) with Strong Carabiner,Hang Any Swing from Your Tree - Quick, Easy and Safe Installation

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$ 159.99

Product Specification
Dimensions: 14.96(L)*2.95(W)*12(H) inch
Net Weight: 3.3 kg

AusKit King devotes to offer tree swing hanging kit in the swing world while making sure to provide you with quality, comfort and safety so you can enjoy Family time peacefully.

Why choose AusKit's Tree Swing Hanging Strap Kit:
1.100% waterproof and chemical resistance.2 inch wide strap to prevent tree damage.Able to withstand harsh winters and hot summers.
2.Strong material that holds up to 1000lbs.Smooth texture that avoids tangling and protects the tree.
3.Screw lock carabiner for extra safety.High-end model that is designed to fit right into your back yard.
4.Quick installation to make your life simpler.Easy cleaning and maintenance.
5.Beautiful black color that will look great in your backyard.After a few uses, we realized that, of course the kids would like to spin around and around but the strap would keep binding up. So we have included a Double Loop Spinning Swivel so you can spin yourself silly, if you should so desire. Just make sure to watch out for the tree when you try to walk away!

When you buy one strap:
*Spinner swings
*Tire swings
*Disc swings
*Web swings
*Hammock swings
When you buy two straps:
*Classic swings
*Garden swings
*Toddler swings
*Porch swings
*Patio swings

Material: 100% non-stretchable polyester
Weight: 13.3 oz / 380 grams
Size:10 FT*1.96 inch(300cm*5cm)
Strap Load capacity:1000 lbs/450 kg - total 1800 lbs / 815 kg

What's in the box:
1 * Tree Swing Hanging Strap
1 * Aluminum alloy 7075 carabiner hook
1 * Double Loop Spinning Swivel
1 * AusKit Retail bag

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